getting ready

chickens! yesterday our “chicken” guy came to build our coop. after much discussion, and i mean much discussion, i convinced the husband to allow someone else to build our coop. with lots of traveling, house guests, bees, run construction, life, i thought it was just too much. thankfully he, reluctantly, agreed.

we set out looking. lots of craigslisting and found a lot of “duds.” the world of chicken coops varies greatly in design and price. rule of thumb, the more expensive the coop equates to the cuteness of the design, not the quality. because i have envisioned a fortress palace for my ladies spending an exorbitant amount of money for a thin piece of plywood was not going to cut it. early on in or search i stated we needed to find an out of work home builder.

we were surprised to find just that. a guy that has his own home building company and with the economy and housing market crash used his skill set to now build chicken coops on the side. genius! he came yesterday and built the coop that he designed, along with our specifications, in one day. one. day. he probably could have built it quicker but we got to talking about his 6 hens, which lay approximately 30 eggs a week(!!!), his two great pyrenees dogs, chicken predators and more.

he did an amazing job with high quality materials. we couldn’t be happier! and in all honesty, he should be charging a lot more. a lot. he was so kind and grateful to have work. he literally built a little house for our hens. fyi, it will hold up to 12. hmmm.

seriously, isn’t the cutest little thing ever! painting is next. my job. so i need your help. red with white trim? love red and white but it seems EVERYONE has a red and white coop. green and white trim with hot pink flowers around the coop. hmmm. i need your help readers! which color combo should i paint our coop?

nesting box. oh i can’t wait to lift this up each morning to find precious eggs!

inside the nesting boxes.

inside the coop. roost on both sides with the little run out door inside the soon to be completed run.

windows for ventilation. linoleum flooring for ease of cleaning. not so much looking forward to that aspect.

outside run door.

milo getting to know his new surroundings.

what do you think? tell me the color of the coop you want to see featured over and over again.


I think Carolina blue would be smashing. :)


Red and White.... Go State!Did you even have to ask? Haha


Hi Kelsi! I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time. I thought I would post my first comment on here. I really like the red/white combo myself. I love the fact that it will look like a little red barn. Good luck painting!