we have introduced everyone to everyone. the reactions have been priceless. martha. was initially scared and went into the corner of the bedroom where the chickens are. she slowly comes around and just watches. sometimes just resting her head on the bed. she can sit and watch for close to 30 mins. it is fun watching her, watch them.

sam. my boy. i have expressed my disappointment to him and now to the blog world. his reaction was the wild card when first imagining what the dogs reactions would be. well. apparently my boy likes chicken. he immediately put his face right up to the side of the container and drool started coming out of his mouth. he was so excited. fail.

milo reacted exactly how a cat would. he sat in the husbands lap and just “watched.” and if you have cats, especially ones that go outside, and have witness their stalking behavior then you know exactly how milo looked.

needless to say, there will be only supervised visits with all the animals, but very limited with the boys. martha is really the only one we need to accept the chicks as hers, so we are all good with the arrangements so far. but it does leave to a lot of outside of the chicken door whining from sam.

it is day 4 of life for our three girls. they are all getting bigger and starting to lose the fluff and grow their feathers.

so far, no health concerns. i am changing their water 3 times a day. this morning i literally put the new water down, went to sprinkle some food (to encourage pecking) and by the time i looked back at the water rose (yes, i am calling her out!) pooped in the water dish. so some days, the water gets changed out more.

oh my. i love this picture. my three ladies. from left to right, rose (yellow), blanche (red), and dorothy.

and this lady, totally pooped on my hand last night while changing out their “home” and putting fresh bedding. thanks dorothy.

aside from the birds growing, our iris bulbs are in bloom.

and our garden is going amazingly well. who would like some lettuce, the husband always over plants because we usually don’t do THIS well. so now, i need to give some away before it goes bad.

and after court yesterday my two cases grew to four. the only thing not growing is me! 3 lbs down this week. yeah for oatmeal, stress, smoothies, stress, and lots of lettuce eating!

Sarah C.
Sarah C.

I think it is the year of the lettuce! The Romaine in my garden looks like it's mounting an attack on the house...lotsa salads in our house too!!


really enjoyed this post :) your little chicks are too cute for words. your dogs' reactions were little guy would have simply seen "lunch" so i would have to keep him away as well. your garden is amazing. i would love to have a garden someday. if i lived closer i would most definitely take you up on some of that yummy lettuce. thanks for a sharing, it all really made me smile.happy weekend!katie@ little things bring smiles