needing support

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as many of you know this area was hit by a record number of devastating tornadoes last saturday afternoon. lives were lost, over 65 houses were destroyed and more than 600 are severely damaged.

unfortunately, the worst hit areas are the poorest in our city. after my home visits yesterday evening into the poorest of poor areas in my town, areas i had no idea existed, my heart is heavy for these families. no matter your political sides, your social class, your race. i beg you to think about these kids that have nothing. and now, their nothing that was actually their everything has been destroyed.

indieNC is organizing an online fundraiser with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the boys and girls club in southeast raleigh. i donated three pillows last night and this morning woke up to find that one has already been sold! wonderful, wonderful news. so the pillows left are the “love” pillow and the very popular red felt flower pillow.

so please take a minute to check out raleightornadofundraiser. and if you see something you like, there are several items i have my eye on, please reach into your pockets and support this cause.

and because i know so many of you have etsy shops and crafty skills, if you are interested in donating please email the organizer michelle at michelle at michelle-s dot com.