simply happy

i love it when things unexpectedly leave you filling happy. you find yourself laughing at things you didn’t see coming. when the weather is so perfect you forget the stresses of the upcoming week. you are simply happy.

this sums up our easter sunday. all week we were (i am not going to lie) excited about having the weekend to ourselves. just me and the husband working on the chicken coop. well, him working, me sitting with him writing my court reports. then later in the week my mom’s side of the family invited us to their easter egg hunt and lunch at my aunt and uncles. it was nothing short of happiness.

my gorgeous and smart cousin. both traits clearly run in our family. she makes me laugh. and while at the dining room table as i was instructing her on how to find the perfect mate, one that will respect you above all else (you know, it is the feminist in me!) she looked at dylan (she was sitting between us) and then looked back at me and proclaimed that i was super lucky. indeed. i am.

counting eggs is serious business in these parts. bragging rights is everything in this family.

10 EGGS for my littlest cousin.

after a snake was found and about 5 rounds of egg hunting was over it was time for a little baseball. i love so much about this photograph. it literally makes my heart smile.

oh this kid. happiness.

quote of the day, “all we need is a little bit of water. then playing would be perfect.” right on james, right on.

sigh. i loved this day. i love these kids. i love this life of mine.