taking a look around

hives getting ready for our next shipment of 6 lbs. of honey bees. this will be enough for two hives. we found some ferrel bees in our front bushes so my beekeeping husband was tremendously excited. this led to a weekend full of “how we are going to catch those bees” plans. oh boy. i just smile. and remind myself that i love him. and all his craziness. because, after all, he loves all of mine.

chicken coop is on its way. thursday should be the day! technically, today was suppose to be the day so lets all collectively cross our fingers. i can’t wait to get my hands on it so i can start painting. the posts are for the run that we are building. lots more work to do!

i love spring time here. everything is starting to flower. the dogwoods on our property make me smile. wisteria along the fence smells so good.

our garden is doing really well so far. there have been many nights of rushing out to cover because of the typical north carolina spring weather. so far, so good.

and because it should be mentioned, as much as possible. the red sox won the series against the yankees this weekend, 2 games to 1. my notes: (1) i am so excited that i got the mlb package and can now keep up and watch as many games as my heart desires. (2) after last nights game, i sincerely adore josh beckett. (3) i strongly despise the yankees and watching them lose makes me irrationally happy.

while on the subject of baseball, the company softball league is getting ready to start up. thursday is our first game and the husband and i decided to get cleats this year. i found the most amazingly perfect red adidas cleats for $7.99 at play it again sports. i am beyond thrilled that they are red. the husband was equally lucky with a practically brand new, maybe worn once, pair of biking shoes for also $7.99. he gets easily distracted by biking equipment. sigh.

Allison Kretlow
Allison Kretlow

I'm so jealous of your garden's growth! It must be that NC spring...our plants are growing, but yours are HUGE already! It's finally warming up here in the VA mountains, so hopefully things will start to take off. Any of your secrets are much appreciated! :)