weekly menu

last week we did great! we ate lots of fresh vegs and lettuce or spinach from our garden with almost every meal! the husband just picked a huge bowl of sugar snap peas and i can’t wait to get my hands on them for meals this week!

are you guys eating home grown goodness?

breakfast: leftover quiche.
lunch: greek yogurt, fresh strawberries.
dinner: avocado wasabi salad. perfect meal for meatless mondays. didn’t make it last week because i always forget to give a day for leftovers. but excited to try this out!

breakfast: oatmeal.
lunch: yogurt, fresh strawberries. raspberry-nut smoothie.
dinner: asian lettuce wraps. (1) a weekly menu staple.

breakfast: oatmeal.
lunch: yogurt, strawberries. smoothie of some sort.
dinner: roasted vegetable lasagna. again, didn’t make it from last week.

breakfast: oatmeal.
lunch: out. i will be in court all day so lunch somewhere downtown. it is always the bright spot of “court days.”
dinner: leftover lasagna.

breakfast: oatmeal.
lunch: yogurt, granola and peanut butter. raspberry smoothie.
dinner: five-spice beef stir fry. (2) served with brown jasmine rice.

breakfast: cereal.
lunch: sandwiches. the husband, classic peanut butter, banana, and nutella. me, spinach and organic roast beef wrap. (3)
dinner: caramelized chicken with mushroom sauce. (4) add a side of sauteed spinach. super yum!

brunch: out and about.
dinner: waffle night! whole grains this time. topped with fresh fruit.

dessert for the week may be this … nutella gelato. it is getting warmer and well, you know. we have a slight, overwhelming obsession with nutella.