weekly menu

whew! last week flew by. hardly any meals cooked at home due to my over booking our calendar! i can always tell when i will have a successful weight loss week by the number of meals i cook at home. surprise, +1 lb. this week. with only one gym visit and almost all meals eaten out it is no surprise at all really. so this week, still lots to do but we are going to really try hard to eat at home! (and more gym workouts!)

breakfast: cereal.
lunch: oatmeal w/ sliced banana.
dinner: asian lettuce wraps. (1) our butter crunch lettuce is ready for consumption! so i see lots of “wraps” in our future. if you have any lettuce wrap recipes pass them on over.

breakfast: overnight oats.
lunch: leftover lettuce wraps. (2)
dinner: waffle night! i so wanted to try shannon’s chocolate vegan waffles last week and didn’t. so this week tuesday night is waffle night.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: strawberry-flax smoothie.
snack: seaweed chips. seriously people. they. are. good.
dinner: avocado wasabi salad. greens are growing like crazy so we need to eat up! this salad looks amazing and i can’t wait to try it. our greens will be spinach from our garden, and lots of it!

breakfast: oats.
lunch: rasberry-nut smoothie. leftover wasabi salad.
dinner: zesty quinoa with broccoli and cashews. i am going to add some spinach. and maybe wrap the quinoa in the butter crunch lettuce to make wraps. i am pretty sure shannon shared this and i bookmarked it. seriously, her blog is wonderful for so many different reasons.

breakfast: yogurt with granola and fruit.
lunch: leftover quinoa. maybe another smoothie.
dinner: spinach, green onion, and gouda quiche. side of fresh fruit and yogurt.

breakfast: leftover quiche with fruit.
lunch: sandwiches.
dinner: roasted vegetable lasagna. new recipe that looks super delicious. i will probably add some spinach. it is how i roll.

brunch: waffles!
dinner: leftover lasagna. after all, lasagna the day after is always better!