a live peep show!

it is day 7 with our three chicks and we are just enthralled. we have checked out many chicken books from the library and hands down my favorite has been keeping chickens with ashley english. the pictures are gorgeous, the writing is superb and what makes it different from the rest … it doesn’t make me feel inadequate to raise chickens. after reading, i immediately went out and bought it!

and the bonus … she is a blogger! if you are interested check her out here … she has a lot going on and has found the balance that i so strive for … simplicity is this busy life.

so here are our ladies on day 7 of their lives. we added a “peep show” cam so anyone can check out my “golden girls.” when you refresh my blog homepage you will find the webcam at the top on the left.

blanche has some tail feathers coming in. they change everyday and it is so much fun to watch.

they are always so curious. whether it be a hand or a camera. cautiously curious.

my favorite quote from the ashley english book is what she said about the perks in keeping chickens:

“one of my favorite unexpected perks in keeping chickens is the daily lessons they offer in mindfulness. chickens live in the moment, thrilling at the conquest of a wriggling grub, squawking in triumph at the delivery of an egg, resting contentedly in a dust bath. they don’t worry about whether they spent too much time in that dust bath, or if they squawked too loudly about that egg, or if they ought to have have squirreled away that grub for another day. they rise with the sun and get to the business of living with a vivaciousness, curiosity, and deliberation we could all learn from. while you may be setting out on your own chicken-raising adventure seeking nourishment for your body, i predict you just might find some for your soul.” – keeping chickens with ashley english.

and because we didn’t spend the entire weekend indoors watching our chicks a teaser for a post to come. organic strawberry picking! 15 lbs of delicious farm fresh strawberries. so many things to do!