all together now

are you tired of hearing about chickens yet? they are providing us with so much entertainment, i just can’t help but blog about them. every day they are growing and changing. their personalities are coming out and the older ones, the “golden girls,” are definitely heading into their “awkward” stage. bald spots, fuzz here, feathers there. oh bless.

on monday we put all our ladies in one bigger brooder box. after close monitoring they seemed to be doing well and adjusting nicely. time will tell but we are optimistic that there won’t be any “pecking” fights.

i am learning it is nearly impossible to get a picture of all six together. below are two of the golden girls, blanche (red) and dorothy (yellow and black). then cosby (black) and ethel (yellow). quite the size difference. there is about a 9 day age difference.

blanche, our rhode island red. she is not comfortable being held, not since day one. i think was most excited to see the younger ones because before dorothy and rose ruled the roost. now there are younger ones so she won’t necessarily be the bottom of the pecking order.

my lady cosby. she is the smallest right now but will eventually be the largest. by a lot. she will be twice the size of the rhode island red. it will take her a full year to be full grown. we picked the black jersey giant because this breed is on the “watch” list for endangered breeds. she makes me laugh so much. when i put my hand down to feed them she will jump into my hand so no one else can get to the food. so funny.

dorothy. she is at the top of the pecking order. she continues to be the most curious and is always wanting to interact with us. and she is a bit of a trouble maker as she is the one that is most likely to be found on top of the brooder box when i leave the top off to change the water and feed.

now our current set up. oh these ladies.

so are you watching the webcam? i love it when people email me screenshots that they have taken throughout the day. or quick messages telling me “the yellow one just pooped.” seriously. ya’ll make me laugh!


just one phrase: "Chicken butt"!!! :-D