back online

who knew that a rain storm last friday evening would leave us without phone or internet for over a week?! at first we were super annoyed. because of where we live our cell phones don’t have coverage so we truly felt we were living off of the grid for a few days. it was most difficult for myself because i work from home but i have to say, after the first initial withdrawal i actually appreciated not being so “connected.”

we went to bed earlier. we spent more time together. i got more stuff done AND went to the gym five days! now, how do we parlay this new found awareness into permanent reality? especially now the phone and internet are back?! that is the real question we will be trying to figure out. how do you guys find the balance between “online time” and “real time?”

this is a montage of our past week. crafts, dogs, cat monitoring bees, chickens. and cicadas. lots and lots of cicadas.

several etsy orders went out last week and i am slowly catching up. the list gets smaller and smaller and i am closer to opening up my shop.

the bees are doing really well and we added two hive bodies to give them more room. i decided i wanted colorful beehives instead of the standard white. i set out paint and was going to paint them different colors. i didn’t have time and the beekeeper painted them all the same green. it is a lovely green, one you might see very soon for a chicken coop reveal, but not exactly what i had in mind. still colorful and full of a lot of bees. win. win.

milo is always challenging me for the #2 beekeeper spot. i seriously love this cat. he is nine years old and is still as playful as he was when we first got him, oh nine years ago. he watches over the hive and is always by our side when we are out feeding them or just watching.

oh these ladies keep growing and growing. everyday this box looks smaller and it is a reminder that we are over the hump and their time inside is slowly coming to an end. this is both a good thing and a sad thing. good, obvious reason number one: poop. the bigger they get the bigger the poop gets. sad: i have grown very attached and enjoy our daily morning and evening cuddle time. i am going to be a nervous wreck their first night outside.

oh i love this picture even though it isn’t that great of a shot. ethel is my favorite. i know, i know. you aren’t suppose to have a favorite. but she is. she LOVES me. whenever my hand is in the brooder box cleaning, watering, whatever she wants to jump on, crawl up my arm and sit on my shoulder. sigh. she makes me laugh so much. here i am trying to take a picture to show how much they have all grown and she immediately is coming towards my hand.

our three golden girls at 4 weeks. they look so awkward with their fluff making room for their adult feathers.

work on the run is coming together. it will be fully enclosed and give them plenty of room to do their chicken thing, happily.

so that is that. lots of sugar snap pea eating. volunteering. enjoying life and each other. it is good to be back in this space.