just thinking.

if you were guaranteed success, what would you set out to conquer?

now take away guaranteed success. because really, are there ever any absolute guarantees?

when your head and heart is consumed with fear, you’ll have no room for dreams. even if you don’t know the outcome, try, and try again. marked another number off of my 30 while 30 list.  trying to not be consumed with fear.  emphasis on trying.  it is so difficult.

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afraid if i am.  afraid if i am not.  afraid of failure.  afraid of success.  enough already.  i don’t know the outcome of anything really, but i know i have to take steps forward and try.  and a little optimism never hurt anyone.

what is it that you want to set out to conquer?

The Hills
The Hills

Girl, you got this. The only way to assure it won't happen is to not try. I KNOW it's going to happen. I got lots of optimism when yours is running low. :)


Yay! I'm hoping you're talking about #23. :)