meet the rest of the girls!

the new (and final three) baby chicks arrived today. two buff orpingtons and one black jersey giant. they are so tiny compared to our golden girls. i had no idea how much they have grown this past week.

so here is our current set up. before combining the two groups i wanted to let the new babies adjust to me and their current surroundings. plus they are SUPER sleepy. they will need their rest before meeting the bigger chicks.

the golden girls. this picture describes them perfectly. oh how they make me laugh. dorothy (the yellow and black stripe) is the most curious. she is at the top of the pecking order. always walking up to you, jumping on your hand, and chirping when you come into the room. rose (yellow) is cautiously curious. more timid but still wants to check you out … just from a distance. blanche (red) wants nothing to do with you. she is a scared of everything and is often hiding under the other two!

new baby buff orpington. so sleepy.

golden girls show me those new tail feathers!

our three new baby chicks. lucy, ethel, and cosby. my three favorite television shows of all time have been represented! (golden girls, i love lucy, and the cosby show) cosby was almost oprah. but i am so sad when i think about the countdown to her last show. i am going to be a mess. a complete mess. so i went with cosby. one of the best shows ever.