we live out in the woods. there is always something going on. a noise here and there. the scampering of deer at all hours. i am used to this. i am not used to this noise.

cicadas. i found this video and it gives you an idea (if you are not currently experiencing this!) of what they sound like.

every 13 years this particular brood of cicada emerges from the ground, break free of their exoskeletons and spend six weeks or so enjoying a little fresh air and sunshine … and, well … they are very single minded about finding a cute boy or girl cicada to hang out with.

supposedly there are 1 million on average per acre. well. we have several acres and the noise … oh this noise we just can’t escape it. outside is so. very. loud. inside there isn’t a room in the house you can’t hear.

the past couple of nights we have also heard some CrAzY noise from the owls. to put it child friendly, spring has definitely sprung in these parts. the other night i believe i blushed when listening to the noises the owls were making.

until early this morning i haven’t been able to see an owl. behold the most beautiful owl, in our yard. i was beyond thankful i had my camera with me. i was so excited that i forgot to take pictures of the progress on the chicken run. after a quick google search i believe it is a barred owl. wow! what a way to start off this tuesday.


Great capture of the owl. I think it's funny you almost blushed. Great way to put it. :)