progress made

lots of progress made this weekend to get these ladies (and 95% sure one gentleman) ready for their new home.  outside.  not in a bedroom down the hall.  they are ready.  i am almost ready.  when left with their lid off this is what they do.  here is blanche, our rhode island red, enjoying the view from up top.  her adult feathers have grown in and are absolutely beautiful.

dorothy, our 95% sure cockerel, i am officially switching over and calling him, him.  if i am wrong i will be super surprised.  i am slowly coming to terms with it and all will be okay.

my girl ethel.  i adore her.  favorite spot is still on my shoulder.  sigh.

oh dorothy, your comb continues to grow and get more red everyday.  your beak, significantly larger.  your body, the same.  heads up though, i am not a fan of you open mouth pecking my hand.  for the time being, we are still calling your dorothy.  it fits.

coop and run progress!  thanks to our friend, david, we were able to complete one side and the roof on saturday.  a task impossible without his invaluable help.  my ladies fortress is coming together and i couldn’t be more excited!

caulking and new, sturdier windows made by my very handy husband.  painting will start this week!

still lots more work to do but we are so pleased with the progress!  huge thank you to david!!  fresh eggs for life!

because the other family members haven’t been getting blog time here is a look around this morning.  hey sam, what are you looking at?

oh yes.  milo.  milo’s new favorite spot.  i am thinking with the 98 degree day we have ahead all three will be begging to come inside.

my sweet girl martha stewart.  sweet, sweet girl.

and we did squeeze some hammock time in.  it is what we do best.