a completed project.

this past weekend we were so fortunate to have our family and a good friend help us with our coop and run.  as you all know, dorothy is officially a rooster, and morning around here were starting like this.  our alarm clock would go off.  dorothy would start crowing.  the dogs start barking.  needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of “snoozing” going on.  it was quite the zoo.

i don’t think anyone that came out on saturday will look at a poultry nail the same way.  there was so much nailing, it is quite the fortress.  i am so tremendously proud of the design we came up with and the incredibly hard work everyone, especially my husband, has put into this project.

the ladies and gent had a first row viewing party on saturday of all the hard work going into their new home.


finished! monday night was their first night in their new home.  as of this tuesday morning, all is well.  they still seem a bit in shock but are safe and enjoying their new much larger space!  we can’t say thank you enough to my father and mother in law, my dad and stepmom, and our friend david.  the chicks are safe and happy because of all your hard work helping us get this done!
milo helping the husband relax after a very long (and hot) weekend working.

the ladies checking things out this morning.  only dorothy and ethel have ventured out, and both quickly went back inside.

my morning farm attire.  pajama pants, muck boots, feed and a book.  i could get used to this life.

of course, why use stairs when you have wings?

some of the runs features.  a dust bowl is soon to be finished but for now (especially considering the chicks won’t even come outside of the coop) it is perfect.

i love, love, love my door.

raccoon proof locks on everything.  i am a bit of a safety nerd.

love this little chick.  my girl ethel being brave.

the husband trying to coax them out this morning.

inside their new digs.


my morning.  spent in the shade with a book i am just starting.  listening to subtle rooster crows and little chirps.  i could be very happy making this my new routine.


This is so great! Ya'll are really talented!


Great work finishing up you two!-David