good morning jillian!

i woke up this morning sore.  whoot!  it is a good thing.  i was in the mood for a class so i looked up the class schedule for today and nothing really floated my boat.  i stayed motivated and went to get dressed.  have you had those days where it doesn’t matter what you put on you hate yourself in it?  because today was that day.  i am just so hormonal and absolutely emotional.  i broke down.  i tried to convince myself it was okay, it is just one week today that i miscarried.  my hormones are going CRAZY.

i stayed motivated.  kept the sports bra on because lets face it, once the girls are in they are staying put for a while.  i made my way downstairs and after wrangling a BLACK SNAKE near the chicken coop, i decided to keep my emotional self home BUT to still workout.  no off days here.


good morning jillian.  you are kinda a b*#$%.  but your body is rockin’ so i will allow you to yell at me.  this is what my day ahead looks like.

at least i can say i did my workout despite being an emotional hot mess.  now i can watch the bachelorette without guilt.  well, besides the guilt of wanting to watch the bachelorette.