it is so hot.

especially for our girl martha stewart.  i mean.  it is ridiculous.  she is always a hot mess, but now the emphasis is on h.o.t.

today was her day at the groomer.  trimmed (you shouldn’t shave a pyrenees because of their pink skin. unless you want to lotion them up with sunscreen every time they go outdoors. no thank you.) shaved belly. she is a happy girl.  our wallets not so much.  but it is totally worth it.

on command “smile” this is what you get.  every. single. time.  sigh.

because my sweet boy wanted in on the photo shoot.  we had a nice day just the two of us.  lots of ice “treats,” playing ball outside without his sister, and court report writing.  well, that wasn’t so much fun but it was nice to have my boy at my feet.