the day after

the day after i write and publish a vulnerable post i am always amazed at the emails, comments, messages you all send my way.  i know the numbers of daily readers but i don’t know “who” you all are.  i am so unbelievably touched by the stories you have shared with me.  the idea that i have made your struggles a bit easier by my words is overwhelming.  the purpose of this blog is ever changing.  first it was all about crafts. then food. then struggles with infertility. chickens. i guess the purpose it to be just what my title says, to share my simple life with you all.  all the good and, maybe, more importantly the bad.  the struggles are what connect us.  by sharing with you all, i wanted for you not to feel alone.  and in turn, you have shared with me and i don’t feel alone.  it is powerful and meaningful.  i am so blessed to have you all as readers and so very thankful for your words of kindness.

there is no timetable for healing.  after our first miscarriage it was a full year before i could even start to think about trying again.  it is scary to imagine the worst but to have lived through losing a baby, we know what that is like.  to get back in the saddle is one of the hardest things i have done.  now to have lost again, it will just take time.

life here doesn’t stop. there are chickens and, a now, crowing rooster to tend to.  the are two amazing puppies that let me sleep until noon yesterday before being fed.  and a mischievous cat that also feels his responsibility to “tend” to the chickens. all these things help.  last year i forgot how important i was to the pets around me.  i am determined to not make the same mistakes.  life doesn’t stop even though we want it to.  so this morning i set out to capture the chickens exploring their new home.  today they taught me to live in the moment.  not look too far into the future because right now, that is just too painful.  and so i did.  and i smiled. 

i first put this chair in the run last week.  a place for me to sit while hanging with my crew.  they couldn’t yet jump (i.e. poop) on it then.  this morning they welcomed me with an update on how they are growing.  i think the chair is officially theirs now.

rose and blanche.  blanche (red) has turned into such a sweet little lady and doesn’t mind being held.  such a surprise from when she was a little chick.

the colors on cosby, our black jersey giant, are just stunning and never the same.  my little ethel beside her is still the sweetest.  she had a head wound a couple weeks ago and thankful after a day inside with me she is back with her crew and doing really well.

milo is never far away.  i love that when the camera comes out he looks away.  sly cat.

our beautiful rooster.  still named dorothy.  it fits.  he doesn’t seem to mind.  he is finding his voice and i am loving every minute of it.  this makes me smile.

and a project for me to work on.  when something like this happens, something where we have no control, i have learned i need to find projects that i have complete control in.  something that i can start and complete in a short amount of time.  to feel like i accomplished something is important.  so today i am staining furniture.  this is a cabinet that has been sitting in our garage almost since we moved in.  waiting to be stained to match our dining room furniture and to be moved in there. 

today is the day to mark something off my list. to do something for me. and to try and smile as much as possible. (thankfully, i can hear the crowing rooster from inside the sun room where i will be staining.)