weekly menu

with my humble attempts at getting back to a new “normal,” here is our weekly menu!  all dinners are under 400 calories per serving. 

breakfast:  protein shake, banana
lunch: brown rice, steamed broccoli, 1/3 cup parmesan cheese
dinner:  out and about.

breakfast:  protein shake, banana
lunch:  oatmeal with a fun topping
dinner: protein shake, greek yogurt with almond butter and granola

breakfast:  protein shake, banana
lunch:  fruit smoothie
dinner:  spiced chops with mango-mint salsa, brown rice

breakfast:  protein shake, banana
lunch:  oatmeal with topping
dinner:  broiled flank steak with tomato topping, sauteed spinach, brown rice

breakfast:  protein shake, banana
lunch:  leftover steak, spinach, rice
dinner:  sandwich night.  for me turkey, swiss, whole grain bread. easy peasy.

breakfast:  oatmeal with almond butter and banana
lunch:  most likely out and about
dinner:  grilling out!  chicken, mango kebabs. so delicious! served with brown rice.

brunch:  blueberry, whole grain pancakes.  plain for me.
dinner:  my favorite stuffed peppers.  i don’t add meat but opt for black beans instead. super, super good.

and because i am so excited about our first attempt at making homemade sauerkraut a picture from last nights dinner.  it was our first sampling and it was pretty darn yummy!  it probably still needs another week and then just perfect.  and for all you gluten free folks, i am IN LOVE with the udi’s brand.  their whole grain sandwich bread and hot dog buns are really good.  really.

so what will you all be eating this week?  where do you find low calorie recipes?  cooking light is my go to source but i would love to hear your suggestions!