current favorite

this is the summer of the mango.  i am completely obsessed and have found a way to incorporate a mango into everyday of my life.  most recently by way of a smoothie.

this frozen blend is super yummy, peaches, strawberries and mangoes.  but i also make this smoothie with just frozen mango chunks.  equally as delicious.

here are the goods:
1/4 cup of greek vanilla yogurt. i use greek goddess honey vanilla. it is major yums!
1/2 cup skim milk.
1/2 cup orange juice.
2 cups of frozen fruit.

sometimes i add a fresh banana.  easy and delicious.

it is perfect for the heat and the waistline!  speaking of heat … the chickens have been given a fan and chilled blueberries. milo cat is happy under the land rover.  and the pups are sprawled out next to me on the a/c vents.