flea market finds

i love our old stomping grounds flea market. this morning the husband and i decided to make the drive for a fun day of searching the flea market for unusual, must have finds.

old wood rolling pins always stop me in my tracks.  i am a little obsessed and really, how many rolling pins does one need?  i kept my cash (that was now burning) in my pocket to keep looking.

crochet anyone? i had a set like this growing up and if it hadn’t been 300 degrees outside and the complete other end of where our car was parked this might have made its way home with me.

jars. oh there were so many.  every corner.  but i knew to keep looking.

ah. a booth filled with vintage pyrex.  my heart literally skipped a beat.  money was exchanged almost immediately and i am the happy owner of a nesting bowl set of the “friendship” pattern.  i love everything about this print.  and i can not say no to a nesting bowl set.  i just can’t.  i lose all willpower. 

ahh welcome home.  (plus a red bowl that “nests” in between these two that was in the dishwasher!)