hot days of summer

i am sick.  and hot.  not sexy hot, but gross hot.  we are having a heat wave in these parts and the chickens, pups, kitty, and myself are just about ready to pack up and head north.  way north. 

the chickens are panting. i didn’t know they could but apparently they don’t have sweat glands so they indeed pant.  it is sad and kinda funny to watch.  poor things.  so we pulled out our outdoor electric cord and gave them a little fan breeze.

their favorite spot is to lay under the water container where the ground is pretty cool and they are in the shade.  their favorite part of the day is mid-afternoon when chicken mama (me) takes them an afternoon treat.  i have been giving them cold fruit to help cool them off.  their absolute favorite (so far) are blueberries. 

it is crazy to watch them eat the entire blueberry whole.

yep. there is a blueberry just swallowed.

dorothy with his number one lady, lucy.

and, of course, milo is never far away.  he takes his responsibility of “supervising” very seriously.

what are you doing to stay cool?