knock, knock. who’s there? middle school.

for my 30th birthday my sweet, sweet husband knew what would make me the happiest 30 year old, new kids on the block tickets!  they were my all time favorite band growing up, along with every other female in my generation.  this past saturday night i packed up the kleenex and various meds and made the quick drive to greensboro for their concert.

it was actually perfect for many reasons but because they were touring with backstreet boys, which i don’t really care so much about, during the concert they would switch off.  this sick nkotb fan rested during the bsb time and went crazy during the nkotb time.

it was such an amazing night. the music was nothing new but immediately brought me back to middle school.  singing as loud as i could in my bedroom.  dancing to the vhs videos and learning all their signature moves.  (which i happily remembered and performed at the concert!) dreaming of bad boy donnie.  it was just that. fun.  i forgot all the sadness that has occupied my 30 year old self.  i forgot the debt crisis.  i forgot everything.  i jumped. i clapped. i sang. i danced.  it was a magical evening.

i posted a couple of videos on my youtube account.  click here for some fun!

and now i can cross #18 off my list! thank you dear husband for giving me an amazing night. it was the perfect birthday gift!