monday happenings …

monday means it is weigh in day! pounds lost this past week …

drum roll … 3. 

kinda not exciting but still something.  considering i downed that tubs of chocolate covered cherries in about 4 days i should be ecstatic.  this 3 brings my grand total lost in 3 weeks to 12 pounds. which means i have hit my first (10lb) reward!  i chose a pedicure!

18 more pounds to go until my 30 pound reward (boston trip!).  i have 7 weeks to do it.  so i didn’t celebrate losing 12 pounds for very long.  my still very chubby behind headed to the gym this morning.

i did a 5k (3 miles) loop on the treadmill and then spent 40 mins on the elliptical resulting in 3.23 more miles.  i was seriously a sweaty, hot mess when i left.

i came home and our yard was brimming with happiness.  (and junk because we are cleaning out/purging our garage!)  i can not express how much i love this cat.

9 year old milo always has the best seat in the house/yard.  just a few feet from the chicken run he can be entertained while fully relaxing.

the chickens and our sassy rooster are growing! this weekend they enjoyed lettuce, blackberries, tomatoes, mango peels and the pit, and strawberries.  the favorite is definitely the strawberries and the mango pit! 

every chicken run needs a coordinating hot pink flower basket, right?!  ahh i do love spray paint.

and i love this tree when it is in bloom.  so much beauty.  it is hard not to be grateful and smile on this monday.