public service announcement

last night/today i am having an allergic reaction to gluten. i haven’t had a reaction in over a year. if you have celiac you know, it is absolutely miserable.  if you don’t, trust me.  i won’t go into details but it is terribly miserable.  needless to say, lots of movies and napping will occur today.  no gym for me.

at my first symptom the husband immediately made a list of the foods i had eaten in the last 12 – 24 hours.  (we are quite the team and he knows the drill!)  he went searching in the kitchen to see if we missed something on a product label.  mistakes do happen!  he yelled from downstairs that he had found the source.

i couldn’t believe my eyes!  my favorite trader joe’s hummus, one i have had many, many times, listed right there on the ingredients soy sauce.  soy sauce is famous because it is one of those “sneaky” foods for containing wheat, something that surprises most.  i was shocked!  mad at myself for not noticing the new labeling and subsequently checking the ingredients.

this morning i did a little investigating.  i looked up the company website and called my local trader joe’s.  everyone was super friendly and admitted they recently changed their recipe to give the hummus a more “distinct tuscan” flavor.  the store manager admitted it would be a good idea to note the gluten change in the store and change the product list since, according to this morning trader joe’s gluten free list, this hummus is still listed as gluten free.

better labeling for all!  and a reminder to all you gluten-free folks, new labeling of your favorite foods requires a second look at the ingredient list.  lesson learned for this celiac girl.


Kelsi, I'm just getting caught up on your blog. I think you're amazing, and I'm so sorry for your loss.P.S. Not sure if there is a whole foods chocolate soy shake, but I know the vanilla soy protein shakes are awful. I totally understand not being about to drink them without milk. Even with, we still add in chocolate syrup :) We get our protein supplements at It's a little cheaper. -Dominique (