taking a look around

because there is a lot more going on around here than food and weight conversations.  this weekend was full of tractor driving.  garage cleaning.  lots of trips to the trash site and donation stores.  purging feels freeing.  it truly does.  there was also fence building.  and grilling out.  yummy grilling out.

and then there was this. 

the deflowering of my hens has begun.  i am a bit traumatized.  i think my hens are too.  but the husband says they aren’t.  ever since i witnessed an “event” i feel the need to apologize to my ladies every time i see them.  i know.  ridiculous.  but it is true.  i do.

my girls, ethel and cosby.

all roosting now. it makes for a proud chicken mama.

and a project completed.  moving forward requires marking things off my list.  one thing at time.  i heal more and more with each completed project.