trader joe finds

okay peeps question of the day. how do you continue to lose weight when you are so, so sick and can’t make it to the gym? 

yesterday was awful, today is a bit better but there is no working out for this chunky lady.  i have been craving crap food. i went to trader joe’s after the doctor yesterday to stock up and felt myself yearning for ice cream, cheese, and then more cheese and ice cream. 

thankfully, i read the labels before i put anything in the cart and put the crap back.  success!

this is what i walked away with.

i wish more than anything i bought more of this applesauce. it was 50 calories per serving and 6 servings in the jar. using my fancy math skills that is a heck of a lot of applesauce for 300 calories. so yeah. the jar is now empty 24 hours later. boo.  then yogurt.  can you tell my throat hurts?

for a very cherry smoothie? yes, please.

a healthy, low sodium, low calorie side veggie dish that i don’t have to cook.  yep. sick wife means husband fends for himself.

did you see my post yesterday?  the chickens and i are currently loving blueberries.  i really wanted popsicles but chose to freeze some blueberries instead. bam! healthy decision alert.

gluten free, vegetarian soy chorizo. yes, please. low sodium. low calorie. i am super excited once my throat heals to make some of this with some scrambled eggs.  yum.

tilapia tacos are on the menu for this week.  i thought this was so clever and i LOVE guacamole. i couldn’t resist.

all and all i was successful in making healthy decisions when i really did not want to at all! 

next challenge, sit ups while reaching for the tissue?