weigh in day and a recipe that has changed my life.

happy monday ya’ll.  monday is weigh in day and i think that might be the best decision i have made thus far. weekends are so easy to go out to eat, splurge on desserts, etc. but knowing my weigh in day is bright and early monday morning keeps me on track.

enough babble … total lost this past week 3 more pounds!  bringing my total in 4 weeks to 15 pounds lost.

i am really feeling momentum and feel like habits are forming.  i literally feel like my body (i.e. my stomach) is changing.  this past week i went out to eat and ordered something i typically would order.  it wasn’t bad for me but after eating about half of meal i was full.  i mean super full.  it was a strange but great feeling.

click image for source.

this week was probably the most emotionally difficult week i have faced thus far.  tuesday i had a follow up doctors appointment which is just hard to go through.  i caught myself emotionally just piling food into my body without much thought.  i had to work out a good bit to overcome the pitfall that was tuesday.  and i did.  which makes me incredibly proud of myself.  typically it is easy to have a bad day and then quit, well, typical version of my past attempts at weight loss.  i allowed myself the bad day and got right back on track the next day.

now to change gears, kinda. ice cream. i LOVE ice cream. ice cream, however, doesn’t love me back. true story.  it doesn’t.  with my new obsession with pinterest i have hooked up with several healthy food bloggers.  i quickly found a recipe for banana ice cream using only bananas.  for real people.

here is what you need:
bananas, sliced then frozen.
food processor.

take frozen (already sliced) bananas and pulse in the processor.  this takes a bit and you will have to scrape down the sides several times.  but be patient and keep it up.  because soon you will have this.

consistency of soft serve ice cream if you eat it immediately (which i did). or you can freeze it for a more ice cream consistency (which i have currently in the freezer).

if you want to splurge make some hot chocolate sauce.  to keep with our vegan theme i whipped some up by heating 2 tablespoons of agave nectar to 1 tablespoon of dark cocoa.

people this recipe has changed my life.  no exaggeration.  i feel like i am having a decadent splurge when really i am getting a couple of servings of fruit.  not frills.  just bananas.

i am thinking i will add a tablespoon of peanut butter next.  the possibilities are endless because the banana flavor isn’t that strong.  add in some fresh strawberries or blueberries.  coconut.  oh my. 

try it. tell me what you think. 


naomi, i love that "the fat you eat is the fat you wear!" maybe i will add just the peanut flour might give me a small taste of peanut butter without the fat. off to experiment!


I make this, too! So much fun as the nanners whip up to such a fluffy goodness. My suggestion is to just enjoy without the added fat and calories of the peanut butter. 17 grams of fat per two tablespoon serving (which is 153 calories of fat). The fat you eat is the fat you wear. I should know!P.S. You are doing GREAT! We are not going to recognize each other. Thanks for so bravely sharing your journey. HUGS.