weigh in day and the weekly menu

technically yesterday.  monday will be weigh in day in these parts.  luckily for everyone involved yesterday was a huge success.

drumroll ….

click on picture for source.

7lbs lost in 7 days.  bringing my total lost to 9lbs.

our trip to boston has been booked.  i have 8 weeks to lose 21lbs.  i am loving the reward system.  mostly because i was completely selfish with the rewards.  these are trips that i wouldn’t normally plan.  i have made smaller, 10 lbs increment, rewards.  first 10 lbs = pedicure!  so if all goes accordingly this time next week i will have some pretty little toes!

so here is what i will be eating this week.  we stopped at trader joe’s yesterday and stocked up on a ton of yummy and “good for the waistline” food.  i absolutely refuse to starve myself.  there are way too many delicious and healthy foods!  i am all about portions (i.e. calories) and exercise.  emphasis on exercise!

breakfast:  protein bar on the way to the gym. i was running a bit late this morning for a cardio class!
lunch:  leftover burger from last night.  (portion control makes lots of yummy leftovers!) udi’s whole grain bun.  celery with hummus.
dinner:  grilled jerk chicken, mango kabobs. served with brown rice.  i seriously may eat this every week!  it is THAT good.

that is a lot of fresh mango love back there. sigh. flowers the husband brought in from outside while i was cooking.

breakfast:  steel cut oats. fresh blueberries.
lunch:  fruit smoothie.  (i will post my new favorite recipe later this week.)

fruit smoothies with this amazing yogurt! honey vanilla greek yogurt. worth every calorie.

dinner:  stuffed peppers.  i make these with no meat but i add black beans.  super, super good.

stuffed peppers topped with a small bit of goat cheese. why yes. that would be delicious. oh, goat cheese with honey?! oh my.

breakfast:  steel cut oats.  sliced banana.
lunch:  leftover stuffed peppers.
dinner:  spiced chops with mango salsa.  served with brown rice and artichokes.  we loved these pork chops and mango salsa so much last week i wanted to make a repeat!

breakfast:  protein bar. banana.
lunch:  yogurt with blueberries. celery and carrots with hummus.

my favorite hummus! until they changed the recipe and added soy sauce (i.e. gluten!)

dinner:  roasted chicken. artichokes. serious date night in kinda meal.

breakfast: steel cut oats. banana.
lunch:  sandwiches.
dinner:  grilled corn and tomato pasta.

brunch:  blueberry pancakes.
dinner:  leftover roasted chicken sandwiches.

and because i love snacking these are perfect finds.

notice how i couldn’t wait. bag already opened. i am such a mango whore.
thanks to my mother in law for introducing these dark chocolate 100 calorie bars into my life.

what are your favorite healthy snack foods?  what will you be eating this week?  share people.