weigh in monday

boy i was nervous about this monday. i have been so sick all last week and haven’t been able to workout at all. nothing. i had rationalized that if i could just stay steady this week it would be okay.  i would be okay.  this is a marathon journey, not a sprint.

pounds lost 3! total lost 18 pounds! i am over halfway to my first goal with 5 more weeks to go.

3 must be my magic number and i will be completely satisfied if every week i lose 3 pounds. consistency is the name of this game and i am actually doing it! i have stayed focused for 5 weeks. i may be more proud of that than anything else honestly.

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this week my biggest struggle was recognizing when i was using food as comfort because i was sick.  i wrote about my grocery store challenge earlier.  i think that decision to put the ice cream back was so pivotal in the larger picture.  i recognized that i was rationalizing eating poorly because i was sick and wanted comfort (by food) to feel better.  i immediately saw this as a dangerous pattern that desperately needed to be broken.  and this week, at least, i was able to break that pattern.

i lived on sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello cups, oatmeal, applesauce, bananas, yogurt, smoothies, and blueberries this week.  i really am trying to stay away from the artificial sweeteners found in the sugar free popsicles and jello but knew since i wasn’t burning calories by working out i needed to cut my calorie intake.  plus jello and popsicles are great for this sore throat.

what helps you guys stay focused when you get sick and cannot maintain you normal workout schedule?