a birthday dessert and a cluckity cluck

this weekend we celebrated the birthday of my mother in law.  i contributed a chocolate trifle.  when standing in the grocery store deciding if i wanted to use gluten free brownies or regular, i remembered weigh in day was right around the corner and opted for the regular (gluten-full) brownies.  this way i wouldn’t be tempted.

i love, love, love baking.  this was a great opportunity to do what i love and not worry about calories.  tip:  i bake and give.  whenever i bake something it is usually for a birthday or celebration, i always leave it with the person we are celebrating.  or i will bake something during the work week so the husband and i will enjoy a portion and then the next day it is out of the house.  i am all about sharing!

this trifle was super easy and apparently delicious.

2 packages of instant chocolate mousse
1 13×9 baking dish of brownies
16 ounces whipped topping (i used cool whip)
1 bag of heath chocolate and toffee crumbles

i made the mousse and brownies the night before.

the next day assembly was easy.  brownies, mousse, whipped topping, toffee crumbles.  repeat.

before the party.

and after.

i did bring a small dish of chocolate mousse (gluten-free) for me to enjoy during the party.

this weekend was also full of feeding the bees and chicken run maintenance.  cleaning out the coop, which really isn’t such a big deal.  and adding a dusting bath inside the run for the ladies and gent.  we got a sink from the habitat for humanity store ($5) and mixed old ashes from the wood stove with diatomaceous earth from the feed store.  the chickens love to give themselves “dirt” bathes.  it helps them stay clean (surprisingly enough by fluffing the feathers after) and is a natural way of keeping parasites away.  we are all about prevention because once the flock gets sick, treatment is no fun or making the decision that treatment isn’t worth it.  either way, i am all about prevention of nasty little critters.

the flock also got a huge pile of grass clippings.  their favorite, right behind yogurt.  it is very entertaining to watch them all go to town on grass.  they just cluck away happily.

a rare shot of the entire crew.

and, of course, the hubster did some rooster wrangling.

my sweet girl ethel.  maybe my new favorite picture of her.

the flock running away from the hubby.

of the five hens, the older two are 16 weeks old this week and the younger three are 15 weeks.  we are officially on egg watch because it seems 16-22 weeks is the average time when hens start laying.  and, of course, my ladies are probably advanced because of their consumption yogurt and blueberries.  :)

the husband and i have resigned to the fact that our farm sitter, the fabulous bonnie, will most likely be the first to sample our hens eggs.  and we are completely content if that prediction comes to fruition.