a list of random things.

we are preparing for our vacation coming up so things are a bit scattered in these parts.  a list is in order.

1.  weigh in monday was a success.  three pounds lost bringing my total to 29 pounds with final weigh in day next monday.  i am so proud of the consistent work i have put in to accomplish this first goal.  making the itinerary for boston was fun and rewarding when i realized i have met my goal of 30 pounds.  (i KNOW i can lose that final one pound by monday. confidence!)

2.  this past weekend we celebrated a wedding and had dinner with friends.  it was a blast.  i fell in love with downtown durham and have staked out a couple of restaurants i am dying to try.  it is a bit of drive but totally worth it for a night out.

it is so great taking a picture that i am actually happy with the way i look.  i am compiling a “photo journal” of my progress.  it is great motivation and when i have reached my goals i can’t wait to share with you all.

3.  the itinerary is set for boston.  lots and lots of walking.  our hotel is in the perfect central location where everything is either 2 miles north or 2 miles south.  there is an italian street festival that we are hitting up.  a trip to fenway.  a trip to remy’s bar and grill with friends (if you are a baseball fan you know the name jerry remy and why, as a sox fan, i am so excited to go). a harbor tour.  food trucks. and more.  so. excited.

4.  we are closely watching hurricane irene.  it looks like it is going to affect us both at home (bees and chickens get ready!) and for our flight into boston.  lets all take a moment to think safe and happy thoughts.

5.  speaking of mother nature.  yesterday i officially felt an earthquake.  i had just gotten home and the chickens and rooster were making more noise than i had ever heard.  i, of course, thought maybe someone had laid their first egg.  i run outside to check and about 2 mins. later the earth literally started to move.  i ran inside (don’t do that by the way) because i thought i remembered to stand in a door frame.  once inside the windows were shaking quite strongly.  lesson of the day: chickens are awesome at predicting natural phenomenon. and a side note, still no egg.

6.  between earthquake scares, hurricane prep, and preparing/packing for our vacation i will be a bit absent this week.  lots to get done by this weekend, in case we lose power.  i am off to brush, wash, clip nails, and dry the pups.  an all day event if there ever was one.

Kathy Kariher
Kathy Kariher

Oh my goodness, Kelsi! A fabulous picture of you both. You are just beautiful and so full of accomplishment. I am so proud of you and your determination and success. I would give you the biggest hug imaginable if you were here. Keep up the good work, enjoy Boston (one of our favorite cities), and let's think about a reunion. xoxoxox ♥♥♥!