anniversary love

gifts are fun. i love making romantic gifts for the hubster. for our anniversary i looked to my new obsession, pinterest, for inspiration.

i found this and immediately L.O.V.E.D. it.

click for source.

here was my version.  the supplies require a map. obviously. i was off to target and when i asked where the road maps were the very young sales person looked at me like i was speaking a different language.  here is my memory of the conversation.

me:  oh hey. can i ask you a question?
employee:  hmmm. sure.
me:  do you know if you guys sell road maps?
employee:  road who?
me:  maps. with roads on them.
me:  you know, the things old people used before gps?
employee:  oh. yeah. in electronics.

it is official. i am old.

moving forward. supplies included a frame, printed heart stencil, pencil, scissors, and those “antique” maps.

and when finished.  a piece of art with meaning.  first heart, where we met.  second heart, where we were married.  third, where we live now. 

for our anniversary dinner i was told to dress up and be ready at 7pm.  all i knew was i had never been before and it required men to wear suits.  i was beyond excited.  the best part was nothing about friday evening disappointed from the exciting build up of the surprise.

the fearrington house was where we spent almost four hours for dinner.  and i wasn’t ready to leave when it was over! 

the grounds were stunningly beautiful.

the house where dinner was served.

we feasted on four course of the most delicious and unique food we have ever eaten.  the last time we ate at a place like this was on our honeymoon in alaska.  a restaurant that required a ski lift to get to the top of the glacier.  fearrington house was not on top of a glacier but the food was out of this world amazing.  i can’t recommend enough taking the time on a special occasion to experience it.

for the gluten free peeps out there, they were completely accommodating.  the pastry chef even whipped up some gluten free mini loaves of bread.  something not ever done before.  we even have a couple of truffles (given to us as gifts for celebrating with them) leftover.  i am savoring every last bit of friday night.