first baths vs. now

giving the pups a bath is one of my favorite things to do.  it kills my back.  i feel absolutely wet and disgusting afterwards.  but it is completely worth it.  they both LOVE to cuddle while drying.  sigh.  these pups.

sam is the easiest.  he is a golden true and true.  always just wanting to please.  today he got an hour of furminating.  clipping matted hair.  and a bath.  after he finishes drying, another round of brushing.

here he was after one of his first baths.  (i think both my pups love taking baths so much because when they were pups it was a weekly thing.  they got used to it pretty quick.)

and now, four years later. my sweet, sweet boy.

martha had almost daily baths when she was a pup.  as a pup and as a year old pup she is not the biggest fan of water or bath time.  she loves being brushed.  and she loves sitting on you (because she thinks she is a lap dog!) after her bath to make sure you are as wet as she is.  seems fair.

here is my hot mess after her very first bath.

oh my goodness.  the pup fluff.  it is too much.

and now, a year and a half later.

see the orange toy in the above picture.  that was sam’s very first squeaky toy when he was a pup.  he loved it and i never understood how it survived his puppy years.  now it is martha’s absolute favorite toy.  again, i am absolutely amazed it hasn’t been destroyed.  i am come to the conclusion that toy will outlast us all!

next up, clipping nails (daddy being home is required) and brushing teeth.