five years ago i was late.  i kept my best friend waiting in an old church with a green roof in the mountains of north carolina.  i was nervous.  i wanted a guarantee that we would work.  that we would grow together, not apart.  that we would be the exception.

five years later i have realized the only guarantee is that there are no guarantees.  there is commitment.  there is love.  there is work.  and if lucky, there are lots of kisses.

hemlock bluffs in cary, nc.  spot of our proposal.

i also know committing my life to dylan was the best decision i have ever made.  marriage is not easy.  life is not easy.  the past five years have taught us more than we could have imagined, taken us to places we never thought we would go. 

we have dealt and continue to deal with pain, unimaginable heartbreak.  and we continue to laugh almost every single day together.  i am so incredibly proud of the life we have created, chickens and tractor included.  i am proud of the human being my husband continues to be.  i am proud to be his wife.  i am proud that we continue to evolve and grow, together.

this life can throw gut wrenching blows but when you have a partner like i am so blessed to have, there is confidence that you can get through anything.

on our honeymoon in alaska.

five years ago i wish i had been on time.  nothing else i would have changed.


I think your timing was perfect. gb