i highly recommend a couple of decisions that i have made in the last couple of months that have made me a happier person.  first.  find a book club.  we meet once a month and i look forward to this gathering of intelligent and hilarious women immensely.  we spend a good bit of time catching up with each other over amazing food and drinks.  then bring thoughtful questions up and share our experiences with the book of the month.

i used to love reading as a kid.  i always had my nose in book.  babysitters club.  little house of the prairie.  r.l. stein mysteries.  nancy drew.  i was obsessed.  then college came around and i stopped reading for fun.  i read for social justice and everything mental illness.  books were not an escape from reality.  the book club has found my love for books again.  we each put some books on a master list we wanted to read and with five different women, the book topics range greatly.  which is awesome.  i have read books i know i would never have chosen for myself but i really enjoyed.  it has been a growing experience, one i highly recommend.

these women, new friends and old, have been there for me this summer.  a kind email.  a phone call here and there.  kind cards.  their support has been constant.  it was wonderful to see each other last night.  i have so appreciated their love.

our first book for our very first book club was “the help.”  i loved it and once i started, i couldn’t put it down.

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i highly, highly recommend reading this book, if you haven’t.  i loved the way it was written. i loved the message of courage among women.  and it was funny.  oh so very funny.

which is probably one of the reasons the movie was so great.  the characters were so authentic to the book.  the storyline was true to the original story.  there were moments that broke your heart and moments where you laughed out loud.

my recommendations, for what they are worth, find a book club in your area.  go to your library, book store, or online downloading site and get this book.  and watch the movie with your friends.