sigh. i am lucky.

i am cleaning up a storm.  my craft room has never seen so much floor space.  i am gearing up for opening up my shop after our vacation!

while cleaning a cabinet i found this card.

on the front of the card:
hi, honey. (illustration of a queen bee and a drone)

(written by card) coming home has never felt so good. i love our happy life.
(handwritten by my love) thank you for supporting all my crazy ideas and hair-brained hobbies. maybe one day i will harvest some honey for my honey. you are the best and i am lucky to have you in my life.

a little moment of complete happiness while cleaning.

i am the lucky one.  and so very grateful for every adventure.  every up and every down.  my heart is complete knowing that “he” is my emergency contact.  i am so looking forward to spending the next week together. 

here is to more crazy ideas and adventures.


Have a wonderful time and enjoy each moment.


So sweet! Hope you have a great vacation! Also, I would love to help you out with #14 on your list. So fun!


awwww. lucky duck! have fun in boston! don't get hurricaned, mmkay?