weekly menu

weekly menus have been a bit sparse in these parts because i have realized portion control eating results in a lot of leftovers.  needless to say not only are our waistlines getting smaller but our grocery bills are also less.  win, win if you ask me.

these are my primary meals. i snack throughout the day on almonds, grapes, popsicles, etc.

breakfast:  yogurt. half a grapefruit.
lunch:  gluten free toast. peanut butter. topping with sliced banana and a sprinkling of cinnamon.
dinner:  (for me) california pizza kitchen. book club night out at the movies.  i am beyond excited to catch up with my ladies!

breakfast:  oatmeal. sliced banana.
lunch: spinach, mushroom, salsa, egg white scramble
dinner:  dylan’s soccer game night. i am on my own for dinner. probably brown rice with steamed broccoli and (measured) cheddar cheese.

breakfast: green smoothie.
lunch:  apple sandwich. rice cakes with laughing cow cheese.
dinner:  black bean soup. tortilla chips and fresh salsa.

breakfast:  green smoothie.
lunch:  leftover black bean soup.
dinner:  summer breakfast hash. substituting turkey bacon and scrambling egg whites instead of whole eggs.

breakfast:  oats with banana.
lunch:  egg white scramble with leftover breakfast hash.
dinner:  personal pizza night. homemade naan whole grain bread. pesto. tomatoes. (measured) cheese.

brunch: salsa scramble with leftover veggies. side of oats.
dinner:  fiesta time! tilapia fish tacos. beans. fresh salsa. yum!

brunch: fend for yourself. (love this for weekly menu prep! thanks melissa.)
dinner:  cilantro lime shrimp. quinoa. sauteed spinach.

what will you guys be eating this week?