weigh in monday

egg white scramble. two big handfuls of baby spinach and mushrooms sauteed until soft.  3 egg whites scrambled.  then combine with mushrooms, spinach, fresh salsa. topped with hot sauce (to make me drink more water!) and because i love a bit of spice.  

this week i have been eating a lot of different flavor combinations of egg white omelets/scrambles.  one of my favorites is fresh salsa inside of an omelet with a wedge of laughing cow queso cheese crumbled on top.  pair this with a small bowl of steel cut oats and my hunger is satisfied for a large part of the day.

weigh in day is today.  drumroll … 2 more pounds.  man i really wanted 3 but i will be completely happy with my solid 2.  my total in 7 weeks is 26 pounds!  i have 4 more pounds to go until i reach my first goal of 30, which is weigh in day in 2 weeks.  final push is on!

i am already starting to plan our next trip.  the trip idea reward has been amazing.  i am beyond thrilled to travel and it is the perfect motivator.  more details later about the next goal and reward ;)

until then i am finding delicious nature “bowls.”  first (sorry no picture) i sliced a cantaloupe in half, scooped out the seeds and replaced with greek yogurt and granola.  i sat down next to the husband to watch television one night with my “bowl” and he thought it was the funniest thing.

since then i have moved up to a watermelon bowl.  (my and the chickens favorite!)

and this weekend enjoyed a grapefruit.

there is something so comforting eating out of bowl for me.  so replacing the bowl of pasta with a fruit bowl is just what i needed.  i curl up on the couch with my “bowl” and dig in without any care.  plus there is limited dish washing.

omelets, bowls, and more weigh loss.  a good weigh in monday indeed.