weigh in monday with a recap

last week i was still on the hormone train but i am thrilled to report the “witch” is gone!  i am feeling more like my optimistic, energetic self and couldn’t be happier. 

today weigh in showed 2 pounds lost.  total lost is 24 pounds.  i am 6 away from reaching my first big goal of 30!  3 more weeks until i am on a plane to boston celebrating my 30 pounds lost.  i think i can, i think i can.

i have been compiling a list of some of my favorite food tips and tricks to cut calories and sugar. i will post a bit later this week along with my weekly menu.  2 pounds has been the lowest number lost since i started and instead of getting down i am reminding myself that the last two weeks have been “those weeks” and i have lost a total of 6 pounds.  i never thought that would be the case.  so instead of being down, i am patting myself on the back for (a) not quitting because i had an irrational excuse and (b) finding low calorie alternatives because i knew i was emotionally eating and could. not. stop.

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so today i am back to the gym.  cleaning house.  getting back on track.

this weekend was filled with baseball.  (go red sox! back in sole first place and it feels so good. i don’t like to share!)

filled with an amazing anniversary dinner.  (more later!)

filled cuddling with this little man.

and feeding these ladies.


Eat more lower calorie density foods. This means - eat more vegetables. When you post your menus, I'm not seeing as many veggies as should be consumed (maybe you just aren't posting outside the mains?). Cut back even more on processed grains. Further reduce your fat intake. If you do one thing, UP the veggie intake. Fill at least half of your plate with veggie goodness.Also, eat, don't drink your calories. It makes a big difference with satiation with fewer calories.