#2, marked off the list.

i am slowly working my way through my 30 while 30 list.  i am thinking about changing a couple of the goals.  when i made the list i didn’t think we would be doing a lot of “out of state” traveling.  i kept my goals within the state.  but since the second miscarriage i created this reward system for weight loss which includes BIG goals and bucket list items.  looking at my 30 while 30 list, (on the side of my blog) i don’t think i dreamt big enough. so what do you think?  stay the course or change some of the smaller goals to bigger ones?

last night i crossed off #2.  to eat organic eggs from my own happy chickens that i have raised and loved.  thanks to our rhode island red, blanche, the husband and i sat down to eat our first two eggs.  from our little flock.  sigh.  

first up.  how to prepare.  of course, we didn’t agree.  but since i was the one to find both eggs, i decided to allow him to pick how we ate the first two.

day two egg is a bit bigger than day one.  i was pleasantly surprised at the color of the yolk.  so vibrant.  i remember reading in one of my many chicken books that the more greens and dark berries (i.e. blueberries) you give them the more healthy and colorful the eggs.  well there you go.

the husband picked scrambled.  so scrambled they were.

our thoughts.  yum.

Bethany James
Bethany James

Personally, I think it's the small, everyday things that make a happy fulfilling life, so I've always admired your list for containing a mix. Keep the rewards big though! I'm a huge fan of big rewards... I can't talk my husband into any that are big enough, lol.