2,336 miles. 7 days. 1 great adventure.

we are back in town and slowing down.  what an adventure it was!  throughout this week i will recap my favorite moments and share the gobs and gobs of pictures.

as we were driving home yesterday we laughed that our vacation started with hurricane irene disrupting plans and was ending with a tropical storm dumping buckets of rain and fog while driving through the north carolina mountains.  not fun!  thankfully, we made it home in one piece.  still laughing together.  still loving each other. and planning our next reward vacation!

last saturday started our vacation “hiccup.”  we received an email from expedia that said to call immediately because there has been a change in our reservation schedule.  whomp, whomp.  after nervously waiting on hold for close to 6 hours we found out our flight on monday had been canceled due to hurricane irene.  the next available flight would be wednesday, arriving in boston at 8 pm.  our flight home from boston was on thursday.  our amazing red sox/yankee tickets were for the game wednesday night at 7pm.  yeah. that wasn’t going to work.

as i started panicing and, i am not going to lie, crying, my calm husband immediately reserved a one way rental car for us to drive to boston on monday.  14+ hours versus the 2 it would have taken to fly.  we were a bit grouchy.  we switched driving.  stopped for coffee.  and made it monday evening in boston.

once in the city we returned the car and walked around.  it was easy to enjoy the 75 degree, sunny weather.  oh how i am ready for fall!  we found the public garden and enjoyed every minute.

then it was time for dinner.  thanks to a wonderful recommendation from a good friend, kashmir indian restaurant is where we headed.  it was beyond delicious.

we walked more (major advantage of living in a city!) and decided we both had a sweet tooth for ice cream.  we knew just where to go.  j.p. licks.

maple butter pecan for me (small cup) and chocolate brownie batter for the husband.

then more walking back to the hotel where you never know what you will find.  i was mesmerized by this store with antique sewing machines in the windows.

a perfect end to a long day.  day two continued to dazzle us.  stay tuned …

Bethany James
Bethany James

It sounds like it was such a great reward! Can't wait to hear all about it.