around the coop yesterday. its kinda a big deal.

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the chickens have had a few weeks off from blog features.  i feel like they are changing almost daily.  growing into the full feathered beauties that each one of them are.  i am adjusting to having a rooster.  kinda.  i now take a broom out with me.  he respects the broom and the second i feel uncomfortable i gently nudge him away.  he gets the point.

their favorite treats are still blueberries and yogurt.  but greens are great for them, just like us.  i have been buying spinach by the truckload for green smoothies.  i had a big handful that was starting to look tired so i brought it out the coop for the chickens.  they definitely were fans.

this is what happens when i squat down to get an eye level shot.  cosby immediately comes over to get in my lap.  (completely serious!) and dorothy, the rooster, comes over to peck.  it is quickly “ahhh” and “aww.”

the rhode island red is the husbands favorite.  she is so incredibly beautiful.  i love her coloring.

my favorite ladies.  lucy and ethel, our buff orpingtons.  so sweet.

the two oldest ladies, by one week. blanche and rose.

if you remember we have been on egg watch for a couple of weeks.  the husband was first to note some changes in the nesting boxes. one of the ladies had been moving things around.  oh we were so excited all weekend!  yesterday afternoon was the day we have been waiting for!  our first egg!

and the proud layer.  our rhode island red, blanche.

it is a bit small which is completely expected for the first couple of eggs for each lady.  but i have never felt so proud.  it is the most beautiful egg i have ever seen.  i didn’t expect to be so completely happy.  i literally jumped up and down.  silly chicken mama.

now the husband and i race out to the coop to see who is going to find the next egg.  simple pleasures.

i officially feel like a chicken owner.