coming home.

now that the weather is not ridiculously hot i have been enjoying skipping the gym and going for runs with my boy sam.  it makes him super happy to have some one on one attention and walks are his absolute favorite thing to do.  i love it because we have a lot of hills where we live which means i can really push myself. plus it is good to switch up the cardio.

our neighborhood is really small in terms of people but has a ton of land.  each plot/house has at least 5 acres.  most have much more.  so when my fat behind is attempting to sprint up a hill, i don’t have to worry about anyone calling 911.

i have started noticing a trend these mornings.  i put on my sneakers and sam immediately starts jumping up and down and runs to the back door.  martha starts wagging her tails and follows him, very excitedly.  now really.  martha is not a “i want to go for walks” or “i want to play ball” kinda dog.  she doesn’t have those instincts.  but when she sees sam getting something or doing something that she is not.  oh boy.

so when we come home sam gets the sniff test.  all. over.  she practically sits on him trying to make sure she doesn’t miss any smell.

then she turns her attention to me.  (notice how sam is first. i know who the apple of her eye is and it ain’t me!)  leaning on me.  sitting on me.  getting in front of me so i can’t walk.  it is a bit much.  lucky for her, it is hilarious.

and this face! how could i ever be annoyed with this slobbery, precious face?!

this morning sam and i got rained on.  now that we are back home, the sun is peeking out.  sam has the right idea.  morning run.  then nap.

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