day 2, known as the day we ate.

day 2 started off with a boston harbor tour.  as soon as we booked our trip i signed up for boston groupons.  i was about to score harbor tour tickets that were 70% off the original price.  i do think i enjoy things more when they are sold to me at a discount!

it was another absolutely beautiful day. 78 degrees and sunny.  sigh.

the u.s.s. constitution.  as beautiful as ever.

cleaning up after hurricane irene.  thankfully downtown boston didn’t have very much damage (as far as i could see.)  our boat traveled from the boston harbor through the charles river.  to do this required going through a lock system.  very cool.  this is a picture of the original lock, not used today but still cool to photograph.

on of my favorite bridges.  i love the detail.  i love the design.  it is currently being restored.  it was stunning.

we grabbed lunch at legal seafood on the harbor.  they had a huge gluten free menu including rolls.  i ate a house salad and a lobster salad.  the husband enjoyed clam chowder and a crab cake sandwich.

breakfast at the hotel was 23 dollars per person so we vetoed that option quickly.  we ate granola bars on day 2 but one of our objectives was to find a fruit stand to stock up for the rest of the trip.  score!

tuesday night was the first game of the series with the sox and yankees.  we opted to catch up with a good friend that just moved to boston and watch the game at remy’s sports bar instead of going to the game.  if you are a baseball fan, especially a red sox fan, then you know the legendary jerry remy.  i was in heaven!

they also had a large gluten free menu!  (yes, i spent a couple of hours planning gluten free eating in boston.  i was prepared!  the husband noted on our last day, “you know everywhere we have gone seems to have a good size gluten free menu!”  i laughed and said, “yes.  it was planned that way!”)

gluten free beer, hard apple cider, i had a burger sans bun and fries.  the husband ate this beastly “remy burger” that was served on fried dough.  ridiculous.

day 2 taught us a lot about the changes we have made to our bodies in the last three months.  i hardly eat fried foods as is being celiac, but truly haven’t had anything greasy or fried because of new healthy habits.  this along with much smaller portions meant my body has been changing.  changing in ways i was unaware of.

i woke up around 4 am completely sick to my stomach.  i knew it was a celiac reaction (i know those all too well!) and i feared it was food poisoning.  but after a couple of hours i was still nauseous but feeling better so it wasn’t food poisoning.  i attribute feeling awful to the changes i have made in my body.  it couldn’t process the amount of food and the type of food i ate.

i am so incredibly thankful for this lesson.  needless to say, it reminded me that these habits are lifelong.  i am not dieting but literally changing behaviors and attitudes about food.  my body deserves better.  i deserve better.