day 3, game day.

if you have been following my posts recapping our trip to boston, then you know i led into day 3 with a fierce upset stomach.  no bueno!  i was so extremely nervous that i would be sick for the game.  panicked actually.

thankfully after sleeping late, i woke up a little queasy but MUCH better.  on our itinerary for the start of the day was to go out to fenway, get tickets for the batting practice tour.  i flaked.  i didn’t feel like it at all.  my husband, knowing me better than anyone, convinced me that i would regret coming all this way and not doing the tour.  needless to say, he was 100% correct.

nothing like some 70 degree sunshine with the backdrop of spending the day at my favorite ballpark to immediately lift my spirits.  after we bought the tour tickets we opted to go back to the hotel to rest up for the game.  because of the food overload we had the day before, we both decided to take it easy and hit up a grocery store for some yogurt and fruit.  as we were walking we noticed a booth for the brand sabre.  they were handing out free hummus samples. score!  free eats in the city.  my day was getting better and better!

the park tour was beyond my imagination.  i had no idea we would be walking onto the field.  fenway.  me.  oh my word.  the husband later said he thought i was going to roll around on the dirt.  i didn’t.  but i did take some dirt and put it in my pocket.  i mean.  fenway dirt people.

his and hers.  on the ground.  in fenway.

the original seats.

even bob costas couldn’t resist a few photos.

just me.  sitting on the green monster.  during the red sox batting practice.  no big deal.  oh wait! it was amazing!! please note my ellsbury shirt.  he hit a homerun that night.  i have a small crush.

as if this day could get any better, as soon as we walked in the gate i immediately found a gluten free cart.  gluten free hot dogs, buns, brownies, beers, and more.

a balloon.  a souvenir cup.  a picture of me and the husband on the field.  ellsbury shirt.  3 sizes smaller new pair of jeans!  gearing up to see the red sox beat the yankees!  best reward trip ever!

my favorite pitcher, josh beckett just happened to be pitching the night we were there.  which means one of the red sox heros jason varitek was catching.  red sox love.

first pitch of the night.

my favorite players, big papi (david ortiz), jacoby ellsbury, and jason varitek all hit homeruns.  what an amazing, perfect night.

i am not sure how the next reward trip is going to compare.  this trip, even with all the hiccups, was nothing short of magical.