giveaway winners!

39 entries. 3 winners.

before i announce the winners i just want to say thank you for the lovely comments, facebook kind words, and blogs you wrote about my little etsy shop and me.  i really felt the love.  truly.  your words meant the world and i sincerely say thank you.

i am taking note of what you love most.  look for many more healthy food posts, chicken and farm life posts.  and, of course, all my struggles along the way.  i appreciate most that you all said something about honesty.  i write in way that leaves me vulnerable and i so value you guys for sending love back this way.

(seriously, husband can we get a drum roll button!?)

winner of the felt red flower pillow is …

#15, jlp28168. please send me an email at kelsi(dot)wilson(at)gmail(dot)com with your address so i can send you your pillow cover!  congratulations!

the next winner will receive a $20 store credit is …

#27, the hills (melissa).  congratulations melissa!  whenever you are ready to place your order send me an email. i will send you an invoice with your $20 store credit. melissa wrote an incredibly kind blog post about me and this blog. go on over here and check it out.

one final winner. who is nervous?!

the final winner of a $20 store credit is …

#25, megan mclaughlin smith.  congratulations megan!  megan let me know when you guys are ready to talk pillows and shoot me an email.  once we have come up with what you looking for, i will shoot you an invoice with the $20 store credit. 

thank you all again for entering my giveaway! i love picking the numbers and counting down on my list to see who it is … fun for all.  didn’t win this time, no worries.  i will host a holiday giveaway soon.


sob. i'm not cool enough to get a hangout date and i didn't win the giveaway. sob.