i love where i live.

i learned a couple of things this morning.  don’t drink a cup of coffee before a morning jog/walk.  i won’t go into details.  but don’t do it.  (even if it was a delicious blend brought to you by a friend from the dominican republic.) don’t. do. it.

do get excited about finding your workout watch.  interval running is best with a timer.  2 mins. walking, 1 min. run. 

enjoy the sun.  try to get distracted by how much you enjoy the sun and don’t pay attention to the large hill you are getting ready to climb.

take a moment to catch you breath.  deep breaths in and out.  feel proud that you are out.  pushing yourself. 

laugh out loud that you have picked the morning when they are working on the road to go running.

i completely love where we live.  never did i think i would be spending my morning trying to decide if i had enough stamina to pass a tractor.   i decided against passing because, well, he had no idea i was behind him and we were both gearing up to go up the final hill.  i waited until he turned the corner and saw me then safely passed.