look who joined the party.

can you tell which one is the wooden egg?

this is what i found this afternoon in the nesting box!  boy, i thought finding one egg was exciting.  imagine my excitement when i found TWO!  it is official, rose has joined blanche for the laying eggs party.

rose is our ameraucana hen, or “easter egger.”   when we first were deciding the breeds of chickens i knew i wanted a couple of easter eggers because their eggs were so pretty.  well, we are down to just one hen because of our surprise rooster.

they got an early afternoon treat of scratch as a congratulations to both blanche and rose.

the two ladies feasting.  rose is the white one and blanche is the red.

blanche has been consistently laying ever since she started.  six eggs in the last seven days.  tonight will be quite the omelet!

Bethany James
Bethany James

When our Araucana, Matilda, started laying, I couldn't wait to have green eggs and ham!