milo and friends.

milo has a birthday coming up.  he is our halloween kitty.  rescued so many years ago.  gosh we just love him.  he stays inside a bit more than he used to which you will not ever hear this animal mama complaining about.

he loves living out in the country.  loves it.  he is never far from the house.  with the bees to watch in the mornings.  an afternoon nap on the land rover.  followed by watching the chickens.  his days are full and content.

this past weekend we fed the bees.  we are optimistic about their survival going into this winter.  all three appear to be strong and thriving.  milo is always right at my feet watching the beekeeper in action.

honey bees have not only an unimaginable workload but they also have to lookout for dangers surrounding them.  there are other animals that feast on honey bees.  this past weekend we witnessed a couple.

this insect here is actually called  a “bee killer.” poor little honey bee.

i thought this was just a sweet bird watching over us as we were feeding.  nope.  it swooped down and snatched a bee in mid flight.  sad little bee.  mean bird.

luckily we also saw evidence of new growth and productive queens.  enlarge this picture to see a bee being born!  amazing!

milo was being such a ham.  i was trying to document the bee hives but i couldn’t resist his cuteness.

and on his chair observing the chickens.  where he can be found most afternoons!